Nautile team

The Nautile team is composed of pilots, navigators and technicians who prepare the manned submersible for exploration and sampling operations on the seabed. They guarantee its smooth running throughout the expedition.

They ensure that all instruments, captors, sampling tools are connected and integrated with the Nautile. Completely autonomous on the seabed, the Nautile's position is communicated acoustically.

Three people are on-board for each dive: a pilot, a co-pilot and a scientist.

  • Franck Rosazza, pilot, Genavir
  • Julien Fenouil, pilot, Genavir
  • Olivier Fauvin, co-pilot, Genavir
  • Guillaume De Parseval, co-pilot, Genavir
  • Julien Romain, mechanist, Genavir
  • Heinrich Bouillet, mechanist, Genavir
  • Yoann Fremont, navigator, Genavir
  • Loïc Bonnet, navigator, Genavir