Biologists team

The team of biologists are in charge of sampling and identifying samples of fauna in the different types of explored habitat (volcanoes, faults, sediments, mantle rocks, active and inactive hydrothermal sites).

The work undertaken during this expedition is coordinated with those completed on active sites during the Bicose expeditions with the Nautile. The biologists are studying the reproduction cycle of the shrimps Rimicaris exoculata and Rimicaris chacei and their larval dispersion, the symbiotic relations with micro-organisms and microbial communities associated with hydrothermal plumes.

To extract DNA for species identification, particle traps are laid near the hydrothermal vents and several pumps and vacuums fixed on the Nautile are used to collect individuals and filter larvae. The Nautile also samples the first few decimeters of sediment with a corer and water samples and conducts in-situ analyses to characterize their habitat. Water samples collected by the CTD rosette GEOTRACES are made for microbial studies.