Monday 28th March : Pourquoi Pas ? and Atalante

On Monday morning, during the Nautile dive of Franck, Olivier and Florian, the R/V L’Atalante crossed our road on his way to Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe.

This happy opportunity allowed us to greet Gilles Ferrand, the Captain on the R/V L’Atalante, and all his crew.

A zodiac was put in the water to disembark our injured Mechanic Engineer, thus avoiding a loss of 7 days of mission for a medical evacuation.

We also took care of the sediment samples taken for the Merlin ABYSS project in order to land these in Toulon, thus inaugurating the AMIGO sampling program on the R/V L’Atalante.

Philippe Moimeaux, our captain, the crew and all the scientists embarked on the Pourquoi Pas? warmly thank the R/V L’Atalante, without whom the objectives of the Hermine mission could not have been fulfilled.

We were able to capture this moment with some memorable photos.