Monday 27th March 2017 : the first time ...

First Nautile dive for Florian Besson, engineer/geologist and Web reporter on the Hermine expedition

Florian, do you hesitate???

We Interviewed Florian after his diving:

What state of mind were you just before the dive? Calm? Stressed? Excited?

I was quite calm but also excited at the thought of this new experience. As soon as I knew I would dive on the 4th dive of the Hermine expedition, I couldn't wait to get on board and look through the porthole!

What was your first impression as you entered the sphere of the Nautile?

The sphere of the Nautile is very cramped. The pilot and the observer are led down and the co-pilot sits between them. On each side are racks in which are stored the electronic systems of the submersible. Having said that, it's still quite comfortable even after having spent 9 hours inside.

You must have seen so much whilst at the bottom ? Which vision comes first to mind ?

The spectacular landscape and landform which aren't all that clear through the cameras. The porthole gives a better peripheral view. The colours are also striking. The violet holothuria are really quite magnificent.

How did you feel when you got out of the Nautile ? Tired? Impressed? Relieved?

The 6 hours of constant concentration is quite demanding and I was rather tired by the end of the dive, but also completely enchanted by this exceptional experience.

 Which moment impressed you the most (before, during or after the dive)?

I think what impressed me the most was the dive itself. To see the ocean floor with your own eyes is really quite incredible. Whatsmore, a geologist cannot be but fascinated by an exploratory dive with the Nautile. I'd go again, the sooner the better!