Several instruments are mounted on the Nautile

Depending on the dive objectives, several instruments are mounted on the Nautile to realize several types of measurments or sampling.


This instrument is an in situ fluid sampler that can collect seawater from 2 to 130°C.


It is composed of a perforated bloc on which poaches as blood transfusion poaches of variable volumes are connected. Fluids are collected by a pump through a flexible pipe linked from PEPITO to the sampling cannula maneuvered by the Nautile arm. The fluids can also be filtered in situ.

The instrument is piloted via a computer by the scientist inside the Nautile.


The CHEMINIS instruments are in situ chemical analyzers that can be installed on several submersible (ROV Victor 6000, Nautile,…) or on bottom station.

The instruments analyze the total dissolved Iron and total sulfides using a colorimetric flux method.

They are calibrated in situ during under water manipulations.


The sampling is realized through the PEPITO pipes and correlated to a temperature measurement with the Nautile.

Both instruments are piloted by the scientist in the Nautile.


Placed between CHEMINIS and PEPITO in the same sampling system, the Unisense electrodes system allow the measurement of sulfide concentrations, pH, Redox potential of temperature and oxygen.


The Optode is an autonomous sensor that measures the oxygen concentration of the fluid sampled by PEPITO.


It is programmed before the dive and its “head” is inserted in the flux, prefiously analysed by CHEMINIS and Unisens Electrodes.