Post-doctoral research positions 2019

Postdoctoral contracts for this year. You can apply for to scientific persons in charge.

1) Sea level variations and sediment transfer from isolated carbonate platforms

Scientific header: Natalia Vazquez Riveiros (

The transfer of carbonate sediments from flat-topped platforms, including those overlying volcanoes, towards the deeper ocean, has been shown to vary in phase with sea level (SL) changes, albeit through relatively complex mechanisms reflecting the multifaceted sources of mixed sedimentary systems. The recent study of a sediment core recovered by ~2000 m of water depth close to Juan de Nova Island (JDN) in the Mozambique Channel has provided a high resolution record of ‘highstand shedding’ of carbonate sediments over the last 1 My. The aragonite content in this core, likely sourced from JDN, increases during all highstand intervals, presumably as a result of flooding of the platform top and redeposition of fine sediments into the proximal slopes. Although remarkably well resolved, this record does not allow the detailed study of the phasing of deposition with respect to SL changes, mainly due to the inherent error of the age model of the sediment core, and to the poor resolution of global SL reconstructions. This project therefore proposes

  1. to characterize the evolution of sediment deposition from the carbonate platform towards the adjacent basin by analyzing benthic foraminiferal faunas typical of shallow environments,
  2. and to estimate the timing of this deposition with respect to SL variations.

Keywords: Carbonate platforms, Mozambique Channel, benthic foraminifera, sea level changes, late quaternary.