Post-doctoral research positions 2018

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1) Architecture and sedimentary processes on the Norfolk Ridge (SW Pacific): understanding of Neogene sedimentary dynamics of a mixed margin

Scientific header: Martin Patriat (

New Caledonia (NC) originates from the emplacement of mantellic material the continental Norfolk Ridge. Following this Eocene obduction, ophiolitic nappes are thought to be the main source of the infill of surrounding basins: the NC flexural basin to the west, and the South Loyalty basin to the east. Contemporaneously, since the lower Miocene, it is known that mixed carbonatesiliciclastic platforms have been active on the margins of NC. During the Quaternary, these systems evolve into the present day lagoon and barrier reef, forming one of the largest rimmed shelf of the world. However, the relationships between Neogene mixed platform systems and the present day platform, together with their expression on the slopes and surrounding basins remain poorly understood. This project thus aims at addressing the potential links between (i) the development and evolution of carbonate and mixed platforms during the Neogene along the Norfolk Ridge and (ii) the infill of associated basins. Additionally, the possible relationships between carbonate platforms and regional intraplate volcanism will be investigated. In order to address such questions, we propose to use the surface and subsurface data from the TECTA and VESPA cruises, conducted in 2015 on the R/V l’Atalante, combined with the new drilling data acquired in 2017 during the IODP Expedition 371. Such database will be used to perform an integrated study, from morpho-structural analyses of surface data, seismic interpretation to stratigraphic modelling.

Keywords: SW Pacific, New Caledonia, Neogene, mixed platforms, deepwater sedimentation.