The group of geologists will work on the identification and analysis of rock and mineral samples obtained from rock dredges and by the Nautile. They determine dredging sites and the diving paths of the Nautile according to their research objective : nature of rocks, mineral composition, relations between types of rock and faults, geological cross-section...

Once on the deck, the rocks are sorted and identified by the experienced geologist eye. Each sample is identified by a number, identified, photographed and sliced with a diamond saw into sub-samples.

Part of the samples are crushed for x-ray chemical and mineral analysis. Samples (2x1 cm) are prepared for microscopic mineral analysis once back in the lab in the form of polished sections and thin sections. A reference sample is prepared and will be added to the rock and mineral collections located in Brest.

All sampling and analysis data are recorded in a data base and geo-referenced.

  • Yves Fouquet, Expedition chief leader, researcher, specialist in oceanic mineralization, Ifremer
  • Ewan Pelleter, Expedition co-chief leader, researcher, specialist in oceanic mineralization, Ifremer
  • Audrey Boissier, X-ray chemical composition analysis technician, Ifremer
  • Sandrine Chéron, X-ray mineral composition analysis technician, Ifremer
  • Philippe Fernagu, chemical and mineral sample preparation, Ifremer
  • Bleuenn Gueguen, Research engineer, specialized in rock chemistry, IUEM/CNRS
  • Arnaud Agranier, university researcher, specialized in oceanic rock geo-chemistry, IUEM/CNRS
  • Aurélien Jeanvoine, Phd student in volcanic rock metals, Ifremer/IUEM
  • Florian Besson, engineering geologist, Ifremer
  • Bamidele Oresajo, ISA observer, Phd student in sedimentology, Federal University Birnin-Kebbi, Nigeria