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Location of the oceanographic research cruises of the Marine Geosciences Unit

French oceanographic fleet schedule

Geoscience Data

Marine Geoscience data come from the  Ifremer fleet, which is managed by Genavir. The dataset is archived/stored within the department Sismer service, the National Oceanographic Data Center, to insure consistency between datasets from different sources, to safeguard data and to pool computer developments...

Access to the data is made via a  Web portal which provides raw data and validated data as well as synthetic products, according to the rights assigned to each oceanographic cruise. If you do not succeed in reaching the data you are looking for, it is possible that it is protected or inaccessible because too recent or confidential.

Validated observation data

Access to metadata and request forms of validated observation data is made through the French Oceanographic Cruises portal.

This portal is a relational data base, managed by Sismer (Scientific Information System on the Sea), storing geological (description of samples) and geophysical marine data (bathymetry, seismic) and videos, from the research work, of the scientific programs of Ifremer laboratories. It gives direct access to metadata and request forms of observation data from the department of Marine Geosciences.

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Geographically referenced data 

Ifremer developed the data infrastructure for marine environmentsSextant, which provides a catalogue of geographical data from marine environments derived from research projects and scientific work at Ifremer and its partner laboratories.


Sextant proposes a metadata catalogue service, a visualization service and a data download service. The geographical data in Sextant make a cross-reference to oceanographic cruises and the validated observation marine data.

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