Fluids at Active Transform Margins - October, 16-19 2017

Carbonate crust with living communities ©MARSITECRUISE 2014, IfremerWe are pleased to invite you to the symposium entitled Fluids at Active Transform Margins: Migration, transformations and monitoring.

The symposium is organized by Ifremer and will be held at Pôle Numérique in Plouzané on October, 16-19 2017. The symposium aims to bring together scientists - junior and senior-, students and engineers who have interests in both providing and gaining understanding on fluid behaviors on active faults.

Active faults are known to be areas where deep-seated fluids migrate upward, undergo temperature (depth)-dependent chemical and physical transformations before being partly released into the water column. Shallow processes also take place in such setting, and transfer chemical components into the ascending fluids by mixing. Methane is a key element constituting fluids on margins. It is a chemically simple element but for which the generation through microbial pathways is still poorly understood and its budget difficult to constrain. Therefore, it remains important to develop or adapt in situ and onboard technologies for determining their origin, and estimating their discharged volume and their fate into the water column. Beside gaining insights into the fundamental behaviors of fluids and understanding the faults movement mechanism are also essential. Indeed, fluid behaviors and fault movement are intimately linked.

Water column profile ©Ifremer

Thus, to understand such links we applied a multi-scale and multidisciplinary approach that encompasses geology, geochemistry, biology and instrumentation.

  • The oral presentations of the symposium are mainly centered on recent results obtained from previous cruises in the Sea of Marmara, our main study area. However, the symposium intends to be more general, and the dynamics of active settings in the Caribbean will also be discussed.
  • Aside the oral sessions, we encourage people to present their work at the two scheduled poster sessions, in particular on biogeochemical processes on margins, hydrocarbon (methane) dynamics into the sedimentary and the water columns, gas discharge detection and monitoring, tectonic and geodesy, etc.
  • A space will also be devoted for the exhibition of instrumentations (in situ sensors and spectrometers, field analyzers, in situ acoustic instruments, etc.), in parallel to the poster sessions.

The registration is free as well as the space for instrumentation exhibition, but mandatory for organization purposes.

The organizer committee:

Livio Ruffine, Louis Géli, Tarditi Corinne, Hélène Ondréas, Marie-Odile Lamirault-Gall, Jade Burdallet, Françoise Even

The scientist committee: