Marine Geosciences (MG)

Ifremer - centre de Brest
CS 10070
29280 Plouzané

Téléphone : 02 98 22 42 28
Fax : 02 98 22 45 49




Sedimentary Environment Laboratory (SEL)

Consolidation columns: Ricardo Silva Jacinto

Geodynamics: Daniel Aslanian

Marine aggregates: Laure Simplet

EMODnet Geology project: Laure Simplet

LabexMer project: Samuel Toucanne

On-board XRF scanner - continuous core chemical analysis: Bernard Dennielou

Sedimentology: Bernard Dennielou

Laboratory of Geochemical Cycles and resources (LGC)

Hydrates: Livio Ruffine

Polymetallic nodules: Anne-Sophie Alix

Mineral resources: Yves Fouquet

Geological Hazards and sedimentary Dynamics Laboratory (HDL)

Geophysics: Stéphan Ker

Cartography, Data Management and Instrumentation group (CDMI

Cartography: Benoît Loubrieu

OBS/MicrObs: Pascal Pelleau

Differential piezometer: Ronan Apprioual & Nabil Sultan

EMODnet Bathymetry project: Benoît Loubrieu

Extraplac (EEZ) : Benoît Loubrieu & Walter Roest


Editor: Nabil Sultan
Webmasters : Hélène Ondréas & Marie-Odile Lamirault-Gall