Cartography, Data Processing and Instrumentation group (CDPI)

The Cartography, Data Processing and Instrumentation group (CDPI) provides expertise in seabed mapping, geomatics, electronics and mechanics, to support the scientific and technical demands of the Marine Geoscience research unit.

  • The group prepares and participates in at-sea expeditions as experts in acquisition and processing of acoustic data, in geomatics, and instrumentation.
  • The group develops data analysis, digital, technological and instrumental solutions in collaboration with Vessels and On-board Systems and Research and Technological Development Units at Ifremer.
  • The group certifies the data collected by the Marine Geoscience research unit and works with the SISMER to make it available both to the public and the scientific community
  • The group contributes to European projects such as EmodNet, and to national projects such as Extraplac and the Marine Mineral Resources project as support to public authorities.

The main assignments of the Cartography and Data processing team of the CTDI group include:

Acoustic data processing

Geographical Information System

Sustaining and diffusion of validated scientific data


The missions of the Instrumentation team of the CTDI group are to ensure management, maintenance and deployment of instruments of the research unit in close collaboration with the other units of Ifremer responsible for at-sea operations and technological developments. The Instrumentation team addresses the needs for defining new gear and the selection of new sensors for scientific projects. The main missions include:

  • Technical preparation and feasibility of operational equipment for at-sea expeditions;
  • Equipment deployment at sea;
  • Equipment maintenance, upgrading and evolution;
  • Development and adaptation of geoscience equipment dedicated to specific experimental need of scientific projects;
  • Sensor calibration.


Geographic Information System - GIS

from data acquisition ... to data diffusion


specific equipment for the study of the seabed

Data sustaining and diffusion

... bathymetric, seismic, video, logbook, geographic data