The strategic objective of the GDRi iMarCo is to gather and organize the scientific community sharing the thematic objectives related to the understanding of the spatial dynamics of marine populations. iMarCo aims to stimulate communication and create the necessary synergy to establish a multidisciplinary European research network whose objectives are:


• Synthesis and dissemination of knowledge on genetic approaches: existing statistics, and bioinformatics, and literature and methodological follow-up to eventually offer a selection of methods and updates based on the most advanced and highly-performing tools.


• Synthesis and dissemination of knowledge on oceanographic methods.


• Identify perspectives for innovative research on the topics covered in the GDR. Establishment of collaborative structures organized to develop joint projects and develop responses to research funding calls for proposals by e.g. ANR, ESF or EU FP2020.


• Multidisciplinary training of young researchers by promoting scientific communication and geographic and thematic connectivity between different teams.


• Organization of workshops and thematic schools (or Master modules) to achieve the necessary synthesis and advanced training of young researchers.


• Promoting the dissemination of methods and results to Managers of Marine Protected Areas and Exploited Resources Agencies.