This initiative stems from the previous French network of Research MarCo (Marine Connectivity1), which triggered interactions among research communities involved in the understanding of marine connectivity (i.e. demographic and/or evolutionary interdependency) assessment using tools corresponding to different fields of expertise. The aim was and remains to promote and maintain communication and collaborative projects among scientists from a broad spectrum of complementary fields including physical oceanography modelling, microchemistry, genetics and evolutionary ecology, behavior, tagging, fisheries, aquaculture…

The core objective of this GDRi is to advance one step further in the integration of data issued from the different thematic fields involved in the study of connectivity, in order to enhance our understanding of the spatial and temporal dynamics of populations and communities and to improve management of exploited and endangered species and ecosystems. The GDRi will build upon progresses made during recent years in terms of analytical, modelling and molecular tools to pursue the methodological and interdisciplinary efforts to integrate data and inferences from distinct sources, including advances realized by the consortium involved in the former GDR MarCo (Gagnaire et al., 2015; Pante et al., 2015; Lagabrielle et al., 2014).

Based on annual meetings, working groups, thematic workshops, synthesis and facilitation of student exchanges developed here below, the GDRi will provide a framework to promote the transfer of knowledge and methodological synthesis with operational transfer to policy makers.