Last meeting: Saint Andrews University 27-29th June, 2016

Last year the meeting tool place at University of St Andrews on June 27 to 29th and gathered about 60 participants from Europe, representing the different thematic fields of the network: tagging, modelling, microchemistry, population genetics...

Detailed information about the meeting is also available at the blog of Methods in Ecology and Evolution :

It will start in the afternoon of Monday 27 June and will finish at noon on Wednesday 29 June. There will be a total of four sessions and one of them will be devoted to demographic connectivity aspects of Marine Protected Areas.

Attendance is free of charge but you do have to cover your travel expenses as well as room and board. The university can provide dorm accommodation starting at £31.00 per room (single) per day. In order to secure lodging for those who may need it, we need to have a rough idea of the number of potential participants. For this reason we ask those who plan to attend to send an email to Oscar Gaggiotti answering the following questions:

  1. Would you need Bed & Breakfast accommodation at the University?
  2. Would you stay in St Andrews for the whole duration of the meeting? If possible, please let us know your planned arrival and departure dates.
  3. Would you be interested in giving a talk? If so, please send a tentative title.

Please reply by February 23nd so that we can pre-book accommodations with the university conference and group service.

A preliminary programme will be published in early April.