Appel d'offres hauturier à partir de 2021

This page contains the  2021 call for proposals for the deep-sea vessels of the French Oceanographic Fleet and those of partner organizations (OFEG).

This call for proposals concerns all types of “Scientific Research”, “Technological Research” and “Public Interest Service” cruises.

Requesters of public interest cruises (cruises to assess fish stocks, etc.) must submit their proposals but the National Committee of the Deep-Sea Fleet (CNFH) will not evaluate them. The executive board of the Committee checks that such requests do indeed belong to this category.

Proposals for the National Committee of the Deep-Sea Fleet’s 2020 call for cruise proposals are submitted via an interface on line.

The interface is available at and access requires an IFREMER extranet account.

Extranet accounts are created by sending a request to

A framework document in Word based on the SGC portal is available to assist the requester in assembling the information required for the proposal.

Send your questions to