Introducing the symposium

Euro-Mediterranean International Symposium - November 20-21, 2007 in Toulon - France

Organised by Ifremer, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and with support from the Direction Générale de la Coopération Internationale et du Développement (DGCID).

«Towards common scientific responsestothechallenges ofthe Mediterranean»


The Mediterranean: a sea in danger 

Nowadays, the Mediterranean is threatened by an important pressure on the coastline, by climate change, an by an overexploitation of its resources. Severe deterioration of marine ecosystems is a risk. Scientific research, and marine sciences in particular, have an essential role in shaping the programs that will meet these challenges. 


Since 2005, Ifremer has worked on identifying, together with a number of institutions (Ministry of Foreign and european Affairs, Institut National des sciences de l’Univers INSU, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement IRD, and Bureau de Recherche Géologique et Minière BRGM) major research programs to be conducted in multilateral partnership in western Mediterranean.

In order to continue and broaden this process, a EURO MEDITERRANEAN International Symposium will gather Ifremer’smain scientific partners from the shores of the Mediterranean, on 20 and 21 November 2007.


The objective is to build a common view of the current challenges, and conduct marine research programs that meet those challenges with scientists from both sides of the Mediterranean.

Geographical area

The exchanges will address the entire Mediterranean, with delegations from the following countries: Algeria, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey…

Scientific areas

Four science areas will be addressed:

  • Impact of human activity on marine environment, in particular chemical pollution
  • Geohazards (earthquakes, slope instability, coastal erosion)
  • Sustainable exploitation of fisheries (ecosystem approach to management, information systems, experience sharing and valorisation)
  • Integrated management of coastal zones, taking into account both marine and land activities. Mediterranean lagoons, particularly sensitive areas, can provide an interestingcase for thought sharing.