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Heading to Barbados to investigate two unknowns in the climate equation

Published on today

A major airborne and oceanographic mission off the Caribbean island of Barbados is preparing to study two major climate unknowns: trade wind cumulus clouds and mesoscale eddies in the ocean.

EuroSea: More Knowledge is necessary for a sustainable Use of the Ocean

Published on 29 november 2019

EU funds new project on effective ocean observation with 12 M euros

Join Ifremer for your Post-Doc!

Published on 6 november 2019
Tests dans les bassins d'essai de l'Ifremer

Call for proposals for the MaRINET2 programme

Published on 20 august 2019

The 4th call for proposals of the MaRINET2 programme is now open !

Ifremer partner of the MaRINET2 project

Published on 13 november 2018

EU project to monitor Harmful Algal Blooms from space

Published on 15 may 2018

S-3 EUROHAB, a new environmental project under the remit of the Interreg France Channel England Programme (FCE) and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, will be funded up to 2.6 million euros over 4 years.

Conference : Gas hydrate and offshore geohazard

22 June 2017
Brussels - European Parliament

The Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup organises a discussion on offshore geohazard on 22 June 2017 at the European Parliament in Room ASP 3 H 1.

Ifremer, partner of the MaRINET2 project

Published on 6 april 2017

MaRINET2 (Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network) is an European Commission (Horizon 2020 programme) funded initiative which aims at accelerating the development of marine renewable energy technology.

Ifremer has chosen ECA Group to develop an innovative ultra-deep Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for survey and inspection

Published on 24 january 2017

Ifremer has chosen ECA Group to develop an ultra-deep Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) reaching 6000 meters water depth. By choosing ECA Group through an international call for tender, Ifremer is establishing the CORAL ALliance (Cooperative Off-Shore Robotics ALliance), facilitating project development with selected industrial partners.  

Euro-Argo: achievements of the first five years and future challenges

Published on 19 december 2019

Euro-Argo celebrates his fifth birthday. This European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) sustains and optimizes the European contribution to the international Argo programme, providing, deploying and operating nearly 25% of the floats network.

Progressing crescendo on mollusc health

Published on 25 november 2019

Early detection of pathogens affecting shellfish, strengthening the immune defences of oysters, identifying individuals that are more resistant to certain diseases and environmental factors with an impact on mortality episodes, etc. The European research project Vivaldi is coming to a close, with numerous scientific results and recommendations for better management of shellfish diseases.

A "bloom" in the Barents Sea, revealing the turbulent structures of the upper oceanic layer

The ocean as a mathematical object: an ERC grant awarded to the project STUOD

Published on 15 october 2019

STUOD, a project led by the Imperial College of London, INRIA and Ifremer has won a grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

Hydrates de gaz in situ

Gas Hydrate Days

Published on 1 july 2019

The next annual Gas Hydrate Days of the GdR2026 "Hydrates de gaz" will be organized by Ifremer from 9-11 September in Brest

logo MONITOOL project

MONITOOL European project : Ifremer analyzes the adsorbed metals on passive samplers

Published on 11 september 2018

Following the MONITOOL wet sampling campaign, most partners sent their DGT to Ifremer in April 2018. More than 150 DGTs were processed a few days after receipt, then eluates were sent for ICP-MS analysis. The analysis of the results is in progress.

Agreement between Ifremer and the Marine Institute

Published on 24 october 2017

Peter Heffernan, Chief Executive of the Irish Marine Institute, and François Jacq, CEO of Ifremer, have signed an agreement the 8th of September.

The honeycomb worm: the architect at the heart of the REEHAB project

Published on 30 may 2017

IFREMER scientists are counting on public participation in this research project: please help by reporting the presence of honeycomb worms.

An innovative model to test offshore floating wind concepts during tank test campaigns

Published on 13 march 2017

Nass&Wind Industrie and Ifremer are collaborating in the ROTOR project, an innovative model to test offshore floating wind concepts during tank test campaigns.