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Hyperspectral biodiversity and ecological status of Sabellaria Reefs


Genetic diversity and ecological status indicators for Zostera beds


Shellfish stock sustainability related to Harmful Algal Blooms


Submarine PowEr Cables Interactions with Environment & associated Surveys

EMODnet Seabed Habitats

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MarHa - Marine habitats


Distribution and ecological status of Sabellaria alveolata (a.k.a Honeycomb worms) reefs in Europe

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Champeaux's honeycomb worms investigated by hyperspectral imaging

Published on 18 may

Drone acquisition campaign for the BIOHERM project

Interview with Laure Régnier-Brisson on Radio Evasion

Published on 17 may

Studying the black scallop in the Brest bay to enable sustainable shellfish fishing

End of the 2021 winter survey of the REEHAB project

Published on 31 march

11 sites monitored all over the French coast and 8250 data related to honeycomb worm reefs recorded.