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Hyperspectral biodiversity and ecological status of Sabellaria Reefs

EMODnet Seabed Habitats

One-stop-shop for accessing seabed habitat data in Europe


MarHa - Marine habitats


Distribution and ecological status of Sabellaria alveolata (a.k.a Honeycomb worms) reefs in Europe


Asessing the COlonisation of ECOblocks embedded in a new breakwater


Genetic diversity and ecological status indicators for Zostera beds


Shellfish stock sustainability related to Harmful Algal Blooms


Submarine PowEr Cables Interactions with Environment & associated Surveys

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1st fieldwork for CoEcoDigue

Published on 16 march

The high tides of March made it possible to carry out the 1st annual biodiversity monitoring survey of the ecoblocks of the EMR polder dike.

RAPSODI Project Launch

Published on 14 february

It aims to improve knowledge of two non-indigenous marine species present in the Arcachon basin and the Pertuis Charentais.

Experience a scientific dive with us

Published on 11 january

Immersion in the bay of Brest with a team of the Mascoet project