Defended PhD Theses

PhD thesis of Amelia Curd

On the Macroecology and Global Distribution of the Ecosystem Engineer, Sabellaria alveolata in a changing world



defended on 07/07/2020

PhD thesis of Thibault Androuin

Trophic ecology of the engineer species Crepidula fornicata and implications for its habitat functioning



defended on 13/12/2018

PhD thesis of Alexandre Robert

Combined effects of natural and anthropogenic factors on benthic invertebrate communities of Norway lobster mudflats in the Bay of Biscay


defended on 30/05/2017

PhD thesis of Tristan Petit

Seabed type characterization and bathymetry estimation by radiative transfer model inversion: Application to hyperspectral imaging of coral reefs


defended on 07/03/2017

PhD thesis of Aline Blanchet

The populations of two epibenthic ophiuroids Ophiothrix fragilis et Ophiocomina nigra at the tip of Brittany (France): evolution and trophic ecology


defended on 19/12/2012

PhD thesis of Karine Grangeré

Ecophysiological response of oyster Crassostrea gigas to the spatio-temporal variability of environmental factors : use of an ecological model


defended on 13/01/2009

PhD thesis of Bastien Taormina

Potential impacts of submarine power cables from marine renewable energy projects on benthic communities



defended on 16/12/2019

PhD thesis of Auriane Jones

Effect of an engineer species on the diversity and functioning of benthic communities : the Sabellaria Alveolata reef habitat


defended on 14/12/2017

PhD thesis of Nikolaos Alexandridis

Models of general community assembly mechanisms simulating the spatial and temporal dynamics of benthic biodiversity

defended on 28/03/2017

PhD thesis of Carine Rigolet

Structural and functional diversity of Haploops nirae habitats in South Britany




defended on 22/02/2013

PhD thesis of Olivier Blanpain

Size graded sediment dynamics: from the processes characterization to the transport modelling in the English Channel


defended on 16/10/2009

À la une

Champeaux's honeycomb worms investigated by hyperspectral imaging

Published on 18 may

Drone acquisition campaign for the BIOHERM project

Interview with Laure Régnier-Brisson on Radio Evasion

Published on 17 may

Studying the black scallop in the Brest bay to enable sustainable shellfish fishing

End of the 2021 winter survey of the REEHAB project

Published on 31 march

11 sites monitored all over the French coast and 8250 data related to honeycomb worm reefs recorded.