PhD and Postdoctoral positions

PhD thesis of Clément Violet

Trait-Based Models to predict marine ecosystem dynamics




PhD thesis of Alexandre Muller

Estimating functional and phylogenetic diversity in ecosystems structured by engineering species



PhD thesis of Lyndsay Clavareau

Integrated modelling of depredation in marine ecosystems




Completed postdoctoral positions

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PhD thesis of Laure Régnier-Brisson

Ecology and dynamics of Black Scallop populations in the bay of Brest



Postdoctoral position of Benjamin Folliot

Distribution modelling of benthic communities and predictions of the effects of fishing and climate



Defended PhD Theses

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À la une

Launch of SISTER project

Published on 19 october

A first test campaign of drone mapping took place in October on the honeycombworm reefs of the Pertuis Sea marine park.

This plant makes it possible to see underwater

Published on 13 september

Eelgrass and the Marha project both feature in a Youtube video by nature blogger Marie Wild

The great tide Bay

Published on 7 july

The honeycomb worms and the LEBCO team in Alexandra Barbot's great documentary on the wildlife of the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, on Ushuaia TV.