PhD and Postdoctoral positions

PhD thesis of Clément Violet

Trait-Based Models to predict marine ecosystem dynamics




PhD thesis of Alexandre Muller

Estimating functional and phylogenetic diversity in ecosystems structured by engineering species



PhD thesis of Lyndsay Clavareau

Integrated modelling of depredation in marine ecosystems




Postdoctoral position of Ronan Becheler

ZOstera Biological Evolution and Ecology




PhD thesis of Laure Régnier-Brisson

Ecology and dynamics of Black Scallop populations in the bay of Brest



Postdoctoral position of Benjamin Folliot

Distribution modelling of benthic communities and predictions of the effects of fishing and climate



Postdoctoral position of Manoela Brandão

Distribution of Meroplankton Across Oceanic Fronts:  A DNA Metabarcoding Approach


Defended PhD Theses

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À la une

End of the 2021 winter survey of the REEHAB project

Published on 31 march

11 sites monitored all over the French coast and 8250 data related to honeycomb worm reefs recorded.

Bastien Taormina awarded by the FRB

Published on 18 december 2020

He received the Young Researchers Award for his work on submarine power cables.