Sediment fluxes, tUrbidity aNd seafloor Integrity for the MaRIne StratEgy

ANR Network - 2015-2016


SunRISE is an ANR network (2015-2016) that gathers a large community of French and European research laboratories, consulting companies and governing agencies in order to address

  • climate change related issues, particularly in the current context of coastal vulnerability,
  • European Directives issues, for which pertinent state indicators and monitoring strategies have to be developed.


SunRISE is organized around 5 workpackages (WP) aiming at identifying which are the priority research topics to address in order to tackle the following issues:

  • “sediment fluxes at a regional scale in a changing climate”, 
  • “definition of state indicators for the physical parameters describing the marine environment”.


The network aims at preparing proposals for future H2020 and ANR Calls.

SunRISE outline



French partners


European Partners

kick-off Meeting : Paris, March 25-26, 2015

WP1 : Priority process-oriented research topics to be addressed in order to assess sediment fluxes over the shelf - WP leader: CSIC, Spain (Miquel Canals)

WP2 : Improvement of critical observation techniques and strategies - WP leader:RBINS, Belgium (Michael Fettweiss)

WP3 :  Assessing modelling techniques and strategies - WP leader: CNR ISMAR, Italy (Christian Ferrarin)

WP4 :  Identify and activate baseline research in support of GES indicators on the physical components of the European seas - WP leader: BRGM-SHOM, France (Charlotte Vinchon, Frédéric Jourdin)

WP5 : Future project design(Horizon 2020 and/or ANR) : come up with several options, and analyze their respective benefits/drawbacks - PWP leader: IFREMER, France (Florence Cayocca)

Contact : Florence Cayocca (