DYNECO overview

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Our teams

Laboratoire de dynamique hydro-sédimentaire

Laboratory of coastal benthic ecology

Pelagic ecology laboratory

Study of coastal ecosystems

Physical, biogeochemical and ecological process analysis

Experimentation, observation, modelling

Ecosystem state assessment: analysing and predicting their evolution

Latest news

campagne RESISTE leg 4

Published on 20 april

Du  18 au 21 Avril a lieu  la campagne RESISTE leg 4 (REsilience d'un SIte soumis à Travaux d'Extraction de granulats marins), projet piloté par Laure SIMPLET de GM (Géosciences Marines) à bord du navire Thalia

1st fieldwork for CoEcoDigue

Published on 16 march

The high tides of March made it possible to carry out the 1st annual biodiversity monitoring survey of the ecoblocks of the EMR polder dike.

RAPSODI Project Launch

Published on 14 february

It aims to improve knowledge of two non-indigenous marine species present in the Arcachon basin and the Pertuis Charentais.