DYNECO overview

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Our teams

Laboratoire de dynamique hydro-sédimentaire

Laboratory of coastal benthic ecology

Pelagic ecology laboratory

Study of coastal ecosystems

Physical, biogeochemical and ecological process analysis

Experimentation, observation, modelling

Ecosystem state assessment: analysing and predicting their evolution

Latest news

Experience a scientific dive with us

Published on 11 january

Immersion in the bay of Brest with a team of the Mascoet project

Marine non-indigenous species

Published on 5 january

On the 14th of October 2021, the LEBCO and UMS Patrimoine Naturel co-organised a one-day on the subject of marine non-indigenous species

Lyndsay Clavareau's thesis defense

Published on 10 december 2021

Effects Of Depredation On Marine Systems ...