Séminaire Dyneco de Marc Sourisseau (DYNECO/Pelagos) Lundi 26 Juin à 11 h en salle de réunion Dyneco

Marc Sourisseau

Traits des protistes dans les eaux côtières et approche couplée physique/biologie

Trait-based models have become increasingly successful in communities ecology to understand the effects of environmental change and the consequences of community change for ecosystem functioning. Despite several specificities, this approach however rests on the solid foundations of all the previous biogeochemical and theoretical models. After a short introduction of this methodology, we will illustrate the interests of this approach in coastal waters with some applications in The Iroise Sea and the Bay of Brest. The first application used the Darwin’s model (Follows et al. 2007) and ROMs to study the interaction between physical processes at different time scales and the phytoplankton community structure (Cadier et al. 2017a and b). The second application will next illustrate how this approach can be used to define specific niches (exp: Alexandrium minutum) through interspecific competition.