Séminaire Dyneco de Lubos Polerecky (Utrecht University) Mardi 20 Juin à 11 h en salle de réunion Dyneco

Lubos Polerecky (Utrecht University)

"Use of hyperspectral imaging in benthic ecology and biogeochemistry"

How will your view of the world change if you start seeing it in hundreds of colors instead of just three? This is exactly what hyperspectral imaging allows us to do. In my talk I will share with you some of my experiences with hyperspectral imaging in the context of marine sciences. First, I will describe an imaging system that allows the assessment of pigments in systems ranging from single microbial cells to complex microbial communities. To illustrate what such a system can do, I will present a gallery of hyperspectral snapshots of a broad range of systems including microbial mats and biofilms, corals and worms. Finally, I will discuss with you the application of hyperspectral imaging for the quantification of migration and growth of microphytobenthos, focusing on the concept of “gardening” by lugworms.