What is the use of the software ?

Is DynamiT a dedicated net design software ?

DynamiT is not a net design software, but a simulation software. However, DynamiT  is configured such a way that all the data and parameters used in the simulation can be input. Moreover DynamiT is able to provide  trawl designs  (see the opposite picture for instance)

Whom is it for ?

This software is especially designed for fishing companies, trawl designers and net makers. DynamiT also targets research institutes that do not own a flume tank for trawl gears trials, demonstration or training. DynamiT should also interest training centers and fishing schools. 

What is it meant for ?

DynamiT allows the user to input all the parameters of a trawl gear (bottom trawls with two panels or more , pelagic trawls, twin trawls or more ...). The software simulates the mechanical behaviour of the fishing gear, while solving the momentum equations and taking into account the hydrodynamic forces applied to each part of the gear.

At the end of the simulation, which can last some minutes to several hours, depending on the complexity of the trawl gear, the results are available :

  • The geometry ; any distance and co-ordinate (openings, door to door distance, depth ...)
  • The forces : tensions in the rig, in the strengthening ropes, towing force ...

Examples of application

DynamiT has already been used by IFREMER to study how trawl gears can impact the sea bottom or  how a trawl can be modified in order to reduce the fuel consumption.