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User help files

The DynamiT Help File contains more than 70 pages written in the HTML format. This context help details each step from the nettings parameters input to the simulation results interpretation.

The users of the version 2.1 can now have the help files and the software interface in Spanish or in French langage.

  • Download the zip file : DynamiT FRandES.
  • Unzip it and put the 4 files in the DynamiT directory (C:\Program Files\IFREMER\DynamiT for instance).
  • Use the menu File/Preferences/Langage to select the new langage.


A series of tutorials is proposed in the following table. Self training with these documents should enable new users to learn how to use the software.

If you think  something needs to be clarified, send an email to  We'll do our best !

Download the files (All files are in pdf format).

  1. TutorialTheory 
    Before starting, some key ideas about DynamiT, its help system and the numerical simulation.Last update : 4th July 2003
  2. TutorialBottomTrawl (design)
    How to input a trawl design in DynamiT.Last update : 1st May 2003
  3. TutorialVirtualBottomTrawl 
    How to built an efficient virtual trawl an run a simulation.Last update : 1st May 2003
  4. TutorialComparingDifferentNumericalModels 
    Comparing different numerical models of the same trawlLast update : 4th July 2003
  5. TutorialModifySimulation 
    How to modify a trawl during a simulation.Last update : 4th July 2003
  6. TutorialInfluenceParamNum 
    Studying the influence of numerical parameters.Last update : 4th July 2003
  7. TutorialLargeMeshesMidwater 
    Input and simulate a large meshes midwater trawl.Last update : 4th July 2003
  8. TutorialVideoAnimation 
    How to produce a video animation.Last update : 4th July 2003
  9. TutorialUsingSpecialMesh 
    Special mesh tool.Last update : 4th July 2003


How to download the evaluation version of DynamiT ? Click here