Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy

This project was selected within the scope of the InterReg IV A France (Channel) - England cross-boarder European Cooperation Program, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Approved in June 2009, within the framework of the INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England programme, the CAMIS Project aims at developing and implementing an integrated maritime strategy for the Channel area whilst fostering concrete co-operation between stakeholders. 

Covering a period of 4 years (2009-2013), the project brings together 19 French and British partners. 


Funded within the INTERREG IIIB North West Europe programme, the EMDI (Espace Manche Development Initiative) Project strongly contributed to the development of the Channel Arc Manche Co-operation between 2004 and 2008 :

  • Working-out a strategic vision for the Channel area ;
  • Testing new co-operation avenues in various fields ;
  • Developing greater knowledge of the Channel area and issues at stake, in particular through the development of a common electronic platform and the creation of a cross-channel atlas, entitled « Channel Spaces, a world within Europe ».

This first project brought some convincing arguments for the recognition of the Channel Arc Manche as a coherent co-operation area in Europe. It also highlighted the opportunity for the Channel area to positioning itself as a demonstration maritime basin of the integrated maritime policy championed by the European Commission.

Launched in October 2009, the new CAMIS (Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy) Project seeks to confirm this position whilst taking into account the recent developments in the European and national policies.


The CAMIS Project strategy centres on 4 main strands :

  • Setting up the conditions for a concerted and sustainable development of the Channel area
  • Testing tools and organisations for a maritime governance
  • Federating initiatives at the scale of this maritime basin
  • Falling within the scope of European and national policies

To meet these objectives, the project will consider some other projects developing scientific knowledge (such as the CHARM project) or sector-based strategies for the Channel area (ports and transport, maritime strategy…).

The project will consider the whole Channel area as well as its interaction with the Atlantic and the North Sea area whenever it is relevant.


  • Strand 1 - Maritime governance 

This strand will develop a framework for maritime governance i.e. :
- A strategy which provides guidance for implementing an integrated maritime policy in the Channel area : a framework for maritime spatial planning, local marine and ICZM strategies, a driver for ongoing territorial (spatial) co-operation, and a document which translates international and EU policies to the Channel space;
- A concerted approach to sustainable management of the Channel maritime basin, in particular in relation to marine spatial planning and the management of conflicting uses.

  • Strand 2 – Cross-Channel Resource Centre 

This strand consists of setting up a resource centre and mechanism to support enhanced decision making and co-operation in the Channel area.

  • Strand 3 – Cluster development and benchmarking 

This strand aims at highlighting cross-border cluster opportunities, facilitating the development of crossborder clusters and exchanging good practice between stakeholders.

  • Strand 4 – Maritime transport and intermodality 

This work package will investigate the economic and connectivity function of the following transport sectors in the Channel area : Strategic passenger and logistics rail corridors, Strategic Road Access to economic centres and ports, Economic function and potential of airports, development of ports.

Concerning the particular issue of maritime safety in the Channel area, an additional part of this work package will seek to improve the organisation of local authorities and their capability of having their voice heard at the international and European level.


The CAMIS Project aims at paving the way for a sustainable maritime governance of the Channel area in the basis if 4 co-operation tools :

  • An Integrated Maritime Strategy for the Channel area
  • A Cross-Channel Forum acting as a platform of exchange and dialogue between Channel area stakeholders
  • A Channel Region Scientific Committee
  • A Cross-Channel Resource Centre

19 partners sharing the same vision and common objectives


Contact : Bruno THENAIL (Project Coordinator), Tel. : +33(0)2 35 52 22 86

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