Documents for reporting

The purpose of this page is to provide guidance to assist partners in preparing reports and also to provide an uniform framework for all reports of Deepfishman. 

Reporting periods and the the different levels of reporting

The project duration is divided in 2 main contractual EC reporting periods. The reporting periods are defined in Article IV of the Grant Agreement.

- Period 1 : month 1 (april 2009) to month 18 (september 2010), 

- Period 2 : mont 19 (october 2010) to month 36 (march 2012). 

A periodic EC report must be sent to the European Commission within 60 days of the end of each reporting period (including the last reporting period).

Besides, for the need of the management of the project, an interim report is mandatory every 6 months before each Executive Steering Group meeting. So the different reports that are required are the following :

Report description

Non contractual reports : Interim report (M6, M12, M18, M24, M30, M36).

The project overview for the first six-month period should allow the management team of th Executive Steering Group and the Governing Board to rapidly detect and correct and delay in project progress and take required corrective actions.

Download :

  • the interim activity report form : to be filled in by the WP leaders with the active contribution of all partners.
  • the budget and men month monitoring form : one form to be filled in by each partner.

Contractual documents to provide to the EC : periodic report and final report (M18 or M20 maximum and M36 or M38 maximun).

The administrative project manager will ask for several reports each partner and then will compile all reports to prepare the reports required by the EC.

Download :

For more precise information about all the procedure concerning EC reports, see the following link of the EC :  FP7 Periodic Report