Workpackage 1


application/pdf D1.2 Interim Exploitation Plan Report

application/pdf D1.3 Data format and protocole for case studies

Workpackage 2


application/pdf D2.1 Report of the management and monitoring of deep-water fisheries/stocks in different parts of the world, in a range of RFMO Regulatory Areas. Includes reviews of EC and EP, FAO actions and the views of stakeholders in NE Atlantic deep-water fisheries

application/pdf D2.a Report on DCF and MS Sampling and the outcomes of ICES WGNEACS, internal project deliverable

application/pdf D2.2 compressed version. Compilation report of all case studies (CSs). Management measures applied in Case study fisheries, inventory of available fisheries, biological, biodiversity and socio-economic data

application/pdf D2.3 Manuscript of a scientific paper for submission to a peer review journal on the effectiveness of existing management frameworks of deep-sea stocks and fisheries

Workpackage 3


application/pdf Case 1a Namibian orange roughy

application/pdf Case 1b Orange roughy in ICES VI and VII

application/pdf Case 3a Red seabream in the Strait of Gibraltar

application/pdf Case 3b Red black-spot seabream in the eastern Mediterranean sea

application/pdf Case 3c Black scabbardfish in IXa

application/pdf Case 4 Part II Pelagic Beaked redfish (s.mentella) in the Irminger Sea and adjacen waters (ICES areas V, XII, and XIV and Nafo Areas 1 and 2)

application/pdf Case 5 Greenland halibut in NAFO subarea 2 and divisions 3 KLMNO


application/pdf D3.1 Overview of economic management measures and impacts for selected case studies

Workpackage 4


application/pdf D4.1 Review of assessment and management approaches for deepwater stocks

Workpackage 5


application/pdf D4.1 Review of alternative assessment methods available their requirements in terms of data and their potential use in management. D5.1 Global review of reference points and harvest control rules appropriate for deep-water and data poor situations.

application/pdf D5.2 Review of the strenghs and weaknesses of current indicators, reference points and harvest control rules for case study fisheries

Workpackage 6


application/pdf D6.1 Evaluation of the relevance of commercial catch data to assess changes in the species composition of deep-water fish assemblages.Definition of indicators of fish diversity based on catch data

application/pdf D6.2 Report on biodiversity indicators, trends monitoring and evaluation of information pertinence for deep-water fish and invertebrates

Workpackage 7
Workpackage 8


application/pdf D8.1 Public website

application/pdf D8.2 Stakeholder communication plan

application/pdf D8.5 Stakeholder workshop

application/pdf D8.6 Consensus report from the Stakeholder workshop in Brussels, 29-30 June 2009

application/pdf Report of the stakeholder workshop in Lisbon, 4 December 2009

Others rapports

application/pdf DEEPFISHMAN Document 1 : Review of previous projects

application/pdf DEEPFISHMAN Document 3 : Review of policy drivers impacting on deep-water fisheries in the NE Atlantic

application/pdf DEEPFISHMAN Document 4 : Reviews of deep-water ecosystems, biodiversity and VMEs

application/pdf DEEPFISHMAN Document 5 : Review of parasites, pathogens and contaminants of deep sea fish