Case study 4 - Data rich stock - NE Atlantic redfish (Sebastes mentella)

Case study coordinator: IMR (Norway) 

This Case Study is be lead by the Institute of Marine Research, Norway and it is focussed on the beaked redfish ( Sebastes mentella), a species widely distributed throughout the North Atlantic, including the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the Irminger Sea and most of the continental slopes bordering the associated basins. As for many deep-water fish populations, S. mentella is characterised by a high longevity (>50y), late maturity (10-15y). These characteristics make the population vulnerable to exploitation. The fisheries have developed in the recent decades, first as a bottom trawling fishery in the shallower waters of the Barents Sea and then as a pelagic fishery in the deeper ocean in the Irminger and Norwegian Seas. Management and regulations have followed rather than preceded the rapid increase in the exploitation of this species.