application/pdf Review of previous EU projects of interest to DEEPFISHMAN

EU projects

- Project EU FP7 CoralFISH


- Project EU FP6 HERMES

- Project EU FP6 FISBOAT

- PROFET POLICY: for stakeholders in aquaculture and fisheries

- AFRAME (Improved fishery management throught fleet-and area-based assessments)

- BASBLACK (Environment and biology of deep-water species Aphanopus carbo in the NE Atlantic : basis for its management)

- Project CAFÉ Capacity, F and Effort

- Project CEDER

- CEVIS (Evaluating alternative, participatory management models for EU fisheries)

- COMARGE (Continental margin ecosystems)

- COST Project (Common Open Source Tool for raising and estimating properties of statistical estimates from the Data Collection Regulation)

application/pdf Project DEGREE

- CORALFISH (Ecosystem based management of corals, fish and fisheries in deep waters in Europe and beyond)

- Deep-water Demersal Fishes: Data for Assessment and Biological Analysis

- Deep-water Fish Species - Biological Parameters

- EC MAST 2 (Community Structure and Processes in the Deep-sea Benthos)

- EFIMAS (Operational evaluation tools for fisheries management options)

- Project EMPAFISH


- FISBOAT (Fishery independent survey based operational assessment tools)

- HERMES (Hotspot Ecosystems Research on the Margins of European Seas)

- Project IBEFISH (Interactions between Environment and Fisheries)

- Project IMAGE (Indicators for fisheries management in Europe)

- OTOMIC (Otolith microchemistry as a means of identifying stocks of deep-water demersal fish)

- SAFMAMS (Scientific Advice for Fisheries Management on Multiple Scales)

External links

- Link to the UK project DEEPFISH, final reports available in English, French and Spanish

- MAR-ECO project

- EU DG MARE studies and reports

- Joint Research Centre (JRC)

- EU Common Fisheries Policy

- Identification guide This links to two electronic books (PDF in English and French) for identification of Chondrichthyans (sharks, rays, chimaeras) and Actinopterygians (bony fishes). These are not identification keys, they include numerous photos, in particular photos of deep-water sharks.