Workshop NAPOLEON - NemAtodes from deeP-sea pOLymEtallic nOdules: implications to improve miNing pratices

18 - 22 June 2018,Plouzané (France)

NAPOLEON's workshop will take place in Brest in IUEM - Brest - from 18th to 22nd June 2018. Organized by the Deep-Sea laboratory, NAPOLEON's objective is to bring together several meiofaunal experts in Brest in order to :

  • describe patterns of diversity and distribution of nematodes in nodule areas at regional and local scales,
  • increase awareness of researchers, students and the general public to the fundamental role of nematodes in deep-sea ecosystems, focusing on their potential use as indicator of impact during mining activities,
  • train students/researchers on the identification and description of nematodes,Develop an international scientific network that will ensure the exchange of skills and the sharing of know-how.

The NAPOLEON workshop will last 5 days with conferences,  sessions devoted to field and laboratory work (identification of major meiofaunal taxonomic gropus under supervision of international experts) and also a round table on mining activity in the deep-sea. 

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