Training program (DEB course) - 19 April 2009

The fifth international tele course on DEB theory will be held from 12 February till 19 March 2009 (5 weeks, plenary introductory program about chap 1-5 of the DEB book) and from 17 September till 22 October 2009 (again 5 weeks, advanced parallel program with selected topics related to the various symposium sessions). The symposium is between these two parts.

On Sunday the 19th of April, the course will occur at IUEM from 9:00 to 16:30.

To commute from from Brest city center to IUEM, a special shuttle is scheduled at 8:30, place de la liberté, in Brest center. We organised computer facilities for the course day, but we advice you to bring your own laptop with the latest version of DEBtool and the add_my_pet document. The course day will work with Octave 3.0.3 and Matlab 7.3.0 or later version.

After the day course, a "coastal" excursion (16:30-18:30) is planned... depending on the weather forecasts! Please make sure you have appropriate shoes (and clothes) for walking.