The post WKCOST versions of the packages are now available! Lots of user demands have been included.

The COST project has started on July 12, 2007 and is expected to end after 18 months of activity.
The first step of the project was to develop a Data Exchange Format and develop the Core package for all developers. These issues were the subjects of discussion for the 1st expert meeting held in Lisbon, 12-14 October 2007. -->
Download the Standard DEF
After 6 months, an interim report was submitted to the European Commission, following the first release of the Data exchange Format (version 1.0), the COSTcore package (version 1.0) and a beta version of the Exploratory Data Analysis package (COSTeda, version 0.2).
The second expert meeting was held in Sukarrieta (24-26 June 2008) to discuss the two packages dealing with precision estimates (Design-based estimates COSTdbe and Model-base estimates COSTmbe) and prepare the ground for the simulation package (COSTsim).-->
Download the minutes
The 10th of April (1 month before the end of the project) was time to produce the report of the project, together with the user manual and the help pages.
At this occasion, we have the version 1 of COSTdbe released.
The project has now ended and the following deliverables are available to the users
final report
user manual
of use

Pictures kindly taken by Bruno Reale.