IFREMER : Institut Français de Recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer

Role in the project : Co-ordination, Leader of WP1 and WP3, Statistical analysis and software development, Provide data.

The French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer) is an industrial and commercial public company responsible, among others, for the management of marine living resources. Founded in 1984, it is the only French organisation exclusively devoted to maritime interests. It operates under the joint auspices of the National Ministry of Education, Research, and Technology; the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries; the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development; and the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, and Housing. Being involved in all marine science and technology fields, the Institute consists of five operational divisions: the Coastal Environment Division, the Living Resources Division, the Marine Technology and Information Systems Division, the Ocean Research Division, and the Ocean Research Vessels and Underwater Intervention Division. This breadth of expertise and facilities gives Ifremer the capability of solving different problems through an integrated approach. Ifremer has presently about 1700 employees distributed over 72 laboratories or research departments, located in 24 stations along the entire coastline of France and in the French Overseas Territories. Ifremer is operating seven ocean-going research vessels, two manned submersibles, and one remotely-operated vehicle for deep sea explorations.

CEFAS : Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science


Role in the project : Leader of WP4, Statistical analysis and software development, Provide data.

CEFAS is an internationally renowned aquatic scientific research and consultancy centre. We aim to be the prime source of high quality science used to conserve and enhance the aquatic environment, promote sustainable management of its natural resources, and protect the public from aquatic contaminants.

FRS : Fisheries Research Services

Role in the project : Statistical analysis and software development, Provide data.

FRS is an agency of the Scottish Government Marine Directorate (SGMD). FRS provides expert scientific and technical advice to Government on marine and freshwater fisheries, aquaculture and the protection of the aquatic environment.

MRAG : Marine Resources Assessment Group

Role in the project : Statistical analysis and software development.

MRAG is a unique and highly motivated consulting firm dedicated to promoting sustainable utilization of natural resources through sound integrated management policies and practices. As a leader in this field, MRAG has a long and highly productive history of designing and implementing integrated resource management systems in marine, estuarine, riverine and floodplain environments.

NR : Norvegian Computing Center

Role in the project : Leader of WP5, Statistical analysis and software development.

Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center, NR) is a private, independent, non-profit foundation established in 1952. NR carries out contract research and development projects in the areas of information and communication technology and applied statistical modeling.

DIFRES : Danish Institute for Fisheries Research

Role in the project : Statistical analysis and provide data.

DIFRES is a research institution specialised in the sustainable exploitation of live marine and fresh water resources. DIFRES research addresses the interaction between the water environment and productivity and variation of the fish stocks, methods for assessment of the sizes of fish stocks, development of methods for sustainable fisheries management, and stock enhancement. Processing and improvement of fish products as well as quality assurance in the fish industry are also important research areas of the institution.

IMARES : Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies

Role in the project : Statistical analysis, software development and data provision.

Wageningen IMARES specializes in strategic and applied marine ecological research. The institute was established in mid 2006, the result of a cooperation between RIVO (the Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research), elements of Alterra and the Department of Ecological Risks within the TNO. Products and services include field studies, real-life scale experiments, exploratory studies at the laboratory level, data management and modelling. The institute has modern research facilities at its disposal, is ISO certified and accredited for chemical and ecotoxicological research. Clients include the government and national and international businesses.

IEO : Instituto Español de Oceanografía

Role in the project : Statistical analysis, software development and data provision.

El IEO se dedica al estudio multidisciplinar del mar y especialmente a los problemas derivados de la explotación de los recursos y de la contaminación. En este sentido, el Instituto procura orientar sus investigaciones de tal forma que sus resultados sirvan de apoyo a la función de asesoramiento, y para dar respuestas concretas a la Administración pública con referencia al mar, a su utilización racional y a su protección.

AZTI - Tecnalia

Role in the project : Leader of WP6, Statistical analysis and software development and data provision.

The integrated management of the oceans, coasts and their resources, requires broad and specialised scientific knowledge. Public administrations, seeking management decisions, as well as Institutions and companies connected to the marine environment, demand permanent innovation and technological development.
At AZTI-Tecnalia we contribute to the knowledge and study of coastal environments necessary to attain sustainable developments in our environment. Likewise, we perform research to obtain sustainable fishing activity carried out by an economically competitive fleet, with responsible fishing practices.

IPIMAR : Instituto de Investigaçao das Pescas e do Mar

Role in the project : Leader of WP2, Statistical analysis and software development, and data provision.

SIBM : Societa' Italiana di Biologia Marina 

Role in the project : Statistical analysis and data provision.