The Nautile is a manned submersible designed for observation and intervention at depths up to 6000m. Since it was commissioned in 1984, more than 1800 dives have been performed from oceanographic vessels like the Nadir, the Atalante, or the Pourquoi pas?.

Fields of intervention

- Exploration of specific zones

- Operating of oceanographic equipment

- Collecting of samples and manipulating of specific tools

- Assistance to offshore assignments

- Exploration, locating, investigation and assistance in wreck raising operations

- Support to submersibles in trouble

- Operations on polluting wrecks

Technical features

Working depth:


Weight (for a 6000m-dive):



length 2.70m, height 3.81m

Nominal ahead cruise speed:


Manned sphere:

Ø 2.10m


titanium alloy


3 people

Scientific equipment

3 large field-of-view portholes associated to 7 flood lights

2 manipulating arms and a retractable box for tool storage and sampling

1 panoramic sonar

2 colour HD video cameras

1 digital still camera with flash

Pressure, altitude, temperature, heading, speed and time sensors

ROBIN teleoperated robot

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