The Underwater System Unit PDG/IMN/SM

is in charge of the development and follow-up of systems and methods dedicated to operational or exploratory underwater intervention, reconnaissance and monitoring.

The SM Unit

  • is responsible for organising and managing the necessary skills in order to satisfy the programs needs covering the key professions in underwater systems by means of service and project organisation.
  • carries out projects dedicated to underwater systems and intervention methods from needs specification and preliminary technical studies to transfer to operators and end users.
  • is the Ifremer authority on operational underwater system design.
  • ensures, in partnership with Genavir, the technical follow up of the servicing operations of the underwater systems and the maintain of those systems in operational conditions within the framework of the procedures in force. Heavy developments like overhauls are under its responsibility.
  • defines the tools and sets the methodologies to be used for teams of scientists training on the use of underwater systems for sea campaign preparation.
  • prepares, in cooperation with the program director concerned, the projects and sub-projects involving its fields of competence.
  • identifies the key fields generating contributive R & D in which it will be involved, with the aid of scientific, technical and financial partnerships. The department is also active in technological development monitoring.
  • contributes to the elaboration of proposal development and the search for means dedicated to the evolution of underwater vehicle fleet to maintain its position in both national and international ranks.
  • develops its skills, products and services.
  • contributes to the communication of information on R&D results and sea operations, using publications, education