The activities of the Underwater Systems Unit (SM) are conducted essentially within the missions assumed by Ifremer as an agency of resources for the French oceanographic fleet, in the framework of the UMS Fleet joint service unit.

It regards underwater systems and associated technologies such as navigation, positioning, acoustic, optics, robotics, operational engineering, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and integrated software sub-systems.

The SM Unit is in charge of the development and follow-up of systems and methods dedicated to operational or exploratory underwater intervention, reconnaissance and monitoring.

Its activities consist of the:

  • Development of new underwater systems as a prime contractor or as a project manager.
  • Management of underwater operational systems during their life cycle.
  • Research & Development in contributive key fields for the evolution of operational underwater systems, frequently involving financial and industrial partnerships.
  • Preparation and management of specific underwater interventions, participation in sea assignments.
  • Production of specialized reports in its areas of competence.
  • Provision of service offering a large range of test facilities.
  • Founding propositions to contribute to Ifremer’s thematic areas, especially in the field of major facilities and equipment serving Oceanography.
Pole A: Technological and research programs
Pole B: Oceanographic fleet
Pole C : Infrastructure and test facilities
Pole D: Support to scientific activities