Année 2011

P. Léon, JF. Drogou, D. Chenot, C. Lévêque, H. Martinossi, A. Massol, V. Rigaud, D. Santarelli, P. Valdy and authors of DT-INSU, Geosciences Azur, CNRS/COM/LMGEM, CPPM - OCEANS'11
'A New Open Cable Infrastructure in Medsea'

A. Foubert, VAI. Huvenne, A. Wheeler, M. Kozachenko, J. Opderbecke, JP. Henriet - Marine Geology, Vol. 282, Issues 1-2
'The Moira Mounds, small cold-water coral mounds in the Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic
Part B - Evaluating the impact of sediment dynamics through high-resolution ROV-borne bathymetric mapping'

Ph. Courmontagne, G. Julien, ME. Bouhier - OCEANS'11
'On the use of time-frequency domains for the improvement of the Stochastic Matched Filter Pulse Compression scheme with a High Speed Computing Architecture'

Ph. Courmontagne, G. Julien, ME. Bouhier - OCEANS'11
'An improvement to the pulse compression scheme'

Ch. Gabriel, A. Khalighi, D. Bourennane, P. Léon, V. Rigaud - Sensenet Workshop
'Integration & validation networked and modular sensing and analyzing devices on an in situ biogeochemical payload for underwater ROV and observatories'