Année 2009

V. Rigaud - Congrès MCMC 2009
'Innovation and Operation with Robotized Systems'

V. Rigaud - OCEANS'09
'Update on Ifremer technological developments and operational feedbacks with underwater systems'

V. Ratmeyer, V. Rigaud - OCEANS'09
'Europe's Growing Fleet of Scientific Deepwater ROVs: Emerging Demands for Interchange Worflow Enhancement and Training'

F. Mantoura,..., JF. Cadiou, L. Petit de la Villéon, V. Rigaud,.. - HyMeX, 1-4 June, Héraklion
'Moose: An integrated multi-sites observatory system in the NW Mediterranean sea'

C. Scalabrin, C. Marfia, J. Boucher - ICES Journal of Marine Science Advance Access, May 2009
'How much fish is hidden in the surface and bottom acoustic blind zones?'

R. Haraksim, L. Brignone, J. Opderbecke - OCEANS'09
'Multiple AUV control in an operational context: a leader - follower approach'

L. Brignone, J. Alves, J. Opderbecke - OCEANS'09
'GREX sea trials: first experiences in multiple underwater vehicle coordination based on acoustic communication'

S. Dupré, G. Buffet, J. Mascle, JP. Foucher, S. Gauger, A. Boetius, C. Marfia, The Asterx team, The Quest ROV Team, The BIONIL scientific party - Marine Geophysical Researches (0025-3235) (Springer), 2008-12 , Vol. 29 , N. 4
'High-resolution mapping of large gas emitting mud volcanoes on the Egyptian continental margin (Nile Deep Sea Fan) by AUV surveys'

P. Léon, S. Ker, Y. Le Gall, B. Marsset, M. Voisset - OCEANS' 09
'SYSIF a New Seismic Tool for Near Bottom very High Resolution Profiling in Deep Water'