Année 2007

J. Sarrazin, PM. Sarradin and the MoMARETO cruise participants - InterRidge News Vol. 15
'MoMARETO: A cruise dedicated to the spation-temporal dynamics and the adaptations of hydrothermal vent fauna on the mid-Atlantic ridge'

M. Ageron,..., P. Chauchot, G. Damy,Y. Le Guen, F. Mazéas, V. Rigaud, JF. Rolin, P. Valdy,... - Nuclear instruments and methods in Physics Research, Vol. 578, Issue 3
'The ANTARES Optical Beacon system'

J. Opderbecke, JM. Laframboise - OCEANS'07
'AUVs for oceanographic science at IFREMER, project progress and operational feedback'

V. Rigaud - Journal of Field Robotics - Vol. 24
'Innovation and operation with robotized underwater systems'