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Overview of the various missions CERSAT manage data from.

First CCI Sea State+ Dataset Release v1.1

Publié le 20 avril 2020
First CCI Sea State+ Dataset Release v1.1

Ocean colour and phytoplankton flora

Publié le 28 juin 2013

A new Ocean Colour product is now available at CERSAT.

The Nephelae platform

Publié le 29 août 2012

CERSAT conceived the Nephelae demonstration platform.

REAPER reprocessing completed!

Publié le 12 septembre 2014

The full-mission reprocessing of the ESA ERS Radar Altimetry (RA) Level 2 data has been completed and the new data set is now available.

Record breaking wave heights and periods in the North Atlantic

Publié le 14 février 2011

The extra-tropical storm Quirin was caught blowing ocean waves up to significant heights of 20.1 m on February 14 in the middle of the Atlantic.

End of ERS-2 mission after 15 years

Publié le 21 juillet 2011

ERS-2 was de-orbitated on 6th July, ending a 15 years long mission of earth observation.

Altiberg: a database for small icebergs

Publié le 31 décembre 2013

We now provide a new database which contains the small iceberg (<3km in length) detected by altimeters using the high resolution waveforms.

2012 Arctic sea ice melting reached a new record

Publié le 21 septembre 2012

Following the downward trend of recent years, the area covered by sea ice in Arctic has reached its lowest value since satellite observations began at end of the 1970’s.