Latest products

Reprocessing Daily QuikSCAT Surface Wind Fields

Published on 16 march 2013

Gridded daily wind vector and wind stress fields, estimated over global ocean from QuikSCAT scatterometer data.

New product : gridded mean CO2 exchange coefficients (K)

Published on 7 january 2007

Gridded fields of CO2 exchange coefficients derived from scatterometer ocean surface winds and sea surface temperature.

New Product by CMS: Saharan Dust Index

Published on 20 march 2012

An hourly Saharan dust index product generated by Meteo-France/CMS from SEVIRI sensor onboard Meteosat Second Generation is now available.

Release of new global wind fields from Metop scatterometer

Published on 17 february 2011

New gridded daily wind fields from Metop/ASCAT scatterometer retrievals are in netCDF format and span.

Global mapping of Arctic sea ice drift: a unique database

Published on 1 march 2007

Sea ice drifts estimated from various scatterometers and radiometers onboard earth observation satellites.

2013 New Release of Daily Satellite Turbulent Fluxes

Published on 20 june 2013

New Release of Daily Satellite Turbulent Fluxes