The data center

The CERSAT has been conceived originally as an active satellite data processing and archiving center for the European Space Agency. It has been extended since to be the major data portal on air-sea interactions, delivering a wide range of wind, waves, sea surface temperature, sea ice and fluxes products. These products have been developed and processed at CERSAT, in particular in the context of ESA or CNES missions - such as ERS, Envisat, SMOS,...- or international projects - such as MyOcean, Medspiration or GlobWave. These products are also sometimes obtained from associated partners and distributed here in the frame of collaborative projects such as GHRSST or O&SI SAF.

We also dedicate a large effort to providing tools and services to users to easily seach, visualize, analyse, cross-compare or combine these numerous sources of data. This ever increasing deluge of data pouring the users at a growing pace has also led us to dedicate a large effort to make use of new innovative Big Data and cloud computing technologies to offer new ways of exploring and revisting large archives of data, which are now successfully used in several ongoing projects.