Main theme

During this event, the BIOCARE consortium will showcase its initial objectives, the key results obtained and our outreach activities in the field of the biotechnology and regenerative medicine. Furthermore, we will provide you with an insight to future initiatives. The meeting objectives will be realized by a combination of presentations and
posters and the possibility to network with the marine and healthcare community.

Finally and most importantly, the event will be unlighted by a special acoustic performance by the "JazzYroise Big Band".
We invite and challenge you to discover Biocare marine at Océanopolis Temperate Pavilion in Brest!

The harnessing of our marine resources has clear benefits for the area:

  • cross-border establishment of worldwide excellence in the sustainable use of renewable marine resources for healthcare ;
  • added value to the potential capacities of the local marine industries (e.g. appreciation of apparent waste or current low-value products) ;
  • identification of region-specific biomolecules with commercial potential e.g. metal-capturing bacterial extracts unique to the 2 Seas-Channel Region.


This one-day event is free of charge and is supported by Interreg IVA 2 Seas, Département du Finistère, Région Bretagne, Brest Métropole Océane BMO.


2 Seas

Région Nord-Pas de Calais

Conseil Général du Finistère

Brest métropole Océane