2.1. Response to recent climatic change

Wednesday 19th, October, 2011



application/pdf Guillem Chust

"Habitat and biodiversity loss under sea level rise scenarios in the Basque coast"

application/pdf Walcker R.

"Significantcontrol of mangrove coverchanges by trade-windgeneratedwavesover the last 60 yearsin French Guiana"

application/pdf Bensoussan N.

"T-MEDNet: a temperature network for high resolution and long term monitoring of Mediterranean coastal waters stratification"

application/pdf Ayata Sakina-Dorothée

How will the increase in sea temperature affect the larval dispersal and the connectivity of coastal invertebrates?"

application/pdf Garrabou J.

"ClimCARES: a new research project to assess the climate change impacts on NW Mediterranean coastal benthic ecosystems"



application/pdf Chaalali A.

"Long‐termdrivenchanges in the Gironde estuary"

application/pdf Dr. Goberville Eric

"Towards a better evaluation of coastal systems perturbations. A new mathematical procedure"