1.1. Hydrodynamic processes, Extreme Events and climate change

Thuesday 18th October, 2011



application/pdf Cyril Mokrani

"Numerical assessement of pressure peaks during breaking wave impacts"

application/pdf Stéphane Abadie

"Extreme waves generated by debris avalanches in oceanic islands and their consequences on the coasts : study case of La Palma case, Canary Islands"

application/pdf Aline Aubry

"Dissipative beach comportment during storm event"

application/pdf J. Desombre

"2D and3D Navier-Stokes simulationsof an intense swash event"

application/pdf J. Garcia

"Long term variability of the hydrology in the southeastern Bay of Biscay"

application/pdf Matthieu Jeanson

"An observatory for monitoring the coastal dynamics under extreme meteo-marine conditions"