1.3. Ecosystem and biological processes

Mardi 18 octobre 2011



application/pdf Travers-Trolet Morgane

"An end-to-end model coupling physics, planktonand fish dynamics for tracking emergent trophic interactions in the English Channel"

application/pdf Savenkoff Claude

"Trophic interactions in the St. Lawrence Estuary: Everybody wants krill"

application/pdf Crisci Carolina

"Links between positive temperature anomalies and unprecedented mass mortality events in coastal marine rocky benthic communities at the NW Mediterranean"

application/pdf Antajan Elvire et al. Mnemiopsis

"Winter distribution of Mnemiopsis leidyi (Agassiz, 1865) in the southern North Sea and first record in French waters"

application/pdf Albaina

"Applying molecular markers to address connectivity among Basque estuaries; the cockle (Cerastoderma edule) example"

application/pdf Cachera M.

"How shape affects fish predator-prey interactions: implications for marine food web structure and dynamics"

application/pdf Fiant

"Spatiotemporal dynamics of physicochemical, photosynthetic parameters and phytoplankton in the central English Channel"

application/pdf Kopp Dorothée

"Does the positive body size-trophic level relationship hold at the species level?"

application/pdf Milinkovitch

"In vitroeffects of extracellular products from pathogenic Vibrio on the haemolymphof the Pacific oyster Crassostreagigas"



application/pdf Mazakazu Hori

"Effects of coastal seascape diversity on seagrass-associated fish production"

application/pdf Blanchard Elodie

"Monitoring mangrove: biomass Case study from French Guiana fast changing coast"

Mercredi 19 octobre 2011



application/pdf Loots Christophe

"Winter distribution of fish larvae in the Southern North Sea and Eastern Channel between 2008 and 2011



application/pdf Goffart Anne

"Response of plankton communities of the Bay of Calvi (northwestern Mediterranean) to climate variation over the past three decades (1979 – 2010)"

application/pdf Romero Estela

"Large-scale patterns of river inputs and phytoplankton biomass in European coastal waters"

application/pdf Viard Frédérique

"Invasive species and climate change
Influence of field temperature variations on pelagic larval duration and population connectivity in the invasive gastropod Crepidulafornicata"

application/pdf Ernande Bruno

"Fisheries-induced evolutionof maturation schedule in exploited stocks: Empirical and theoretical evidence, expected demographic implications and potential mitigation measures"

application/pdf Ouellet Patrick

"Intermittent connectivity: Interannual variability in the retention of larval capelin (Mallotus villosus) in the Lower St. Lawrence Estuary, Canada"

application/pdf Dabrowski Tomasz

"Application of DEB theory to model the growth of Mytilus edulisand influence of its cultivation on ecosystem functioning"