On-going projects Steering Committee

The Scientific Steering Committee

A steering committee common to the 3 projects and coordinated with 2 complementary projects managed by Sorbonne University (ERC Refine and CPER Sud) has been set up. This committee is made up of those responsible for the 5 projects and those responsible for the work packages.

Fabrizio D'Ortenzio

Argo-2030 & CPER Sud projects representative

LOV / Sorbonne University

Virginie Thierry

Argo-2030 & CPER ObsOcean projects representative

LOPS / Ifremer

Guillaume Maze

PIE PIANO project representative

LOPS / Ifremer

Hervé Claustre

ERC Refine project representative

LOV / Sorbonne University

Xavier André

Technical Responsible PIE PIANO

RDT / Ifremer

Thierry Carval

Responsible Data Center DAC/GDAC for T/S


Christine Coatanoan

Quality control & delayed time Argo floats / Core (WP3 ObsOcean, WP0 Argo2030, WP6 PIANO)

SISMER / Ifremer

Damien Desbruyères

Scientific Researcher Deep-6000 (WP3 Argo-2030)

LOPS / Ifremer

Nicolas Kolodziejczyk

Scientific Coordinator


Marc Le Menn

Metrology WP2 PIANO


Guillaume Le Provost

Engineer WP5 PIANO

RDT / Ifremer

Virginie Le Saout

Project Office

Cap Gemini / Ifremer

Nathanaële Lebreton

Co-Responsible for equipment at sea Argo-T/S


Edouard Leymarie

Engineer sensors for BGC & BGC-ECO (WP3 PIANO) 

LOV / Sorbonne University

Noé Poffa

Co-Responsible for equipment at sea Argo-T/S


Antoine Poteau

Responsible for equipment at sea Argo-BGC

LOV / Sorbonne University

Sylvie Pouliquen

Technical Coordinator


Corentin Renaut

Engineer Deep-6000 (WP4 PIANO)

RDT / Ifremer

Julia Uitz

Scientific Researcher BGC ECO (WP2 Argo-2030)

LOV / Sorbonne University